Friday, October 22, 2010

Painting Lessons

Hey guys! Starting Tuesday November 2nd! I will be giving Painting Lessons at Sugartown Pentecostal Church @ 5pm. It is how to paint with acrylics, good class for beginners and advanced. Basic supplies needed: watercolor or heavy weighted sketch book, paint brushes, roll of cheap paper towels, and basic acrylic colors white, black, blue, yellow, red. Kinda get in your head what you would like to learn to paint.

Basic price: $10 at 5-6pm starting Tues Nov 2nd!

((It is a hour long class. So please 14 and up age wise. We're going to be sitting the whole time so can't have kids running about the church and getting paint everywhere. My church family was nice enough to let me use the fellowship hall to teach, so we gotta keep things clean and orderly in return. Not being mean, just speaking the truth!))

What is great about acrylic? 1. Water based so no stains! 2. No wait on drying, very quick! 3. Water diffuses the thickness, so you can have a thick impasto look or watercolor based on how much you add or don't add 4. Paint not only on canvas/paper, be creative! Try painting a place mat, bag, teapot, etc 5. Easy cleanup!

Other than the basic materials, you might want to look into purchasing a portfolio to put your works in, vine charcoal, fine tipped ink pen, permanent marker, cotton swab, masking tape, and print out or photo of references to what you desire. Not something for immediate purchase, just to look into for future.

Places to look for reference ideas:

Note: You do not have to know how to draw for this class! (If you do know how... LUCKY! LOL)

Want further information? Contact me on facebook or comment here. Want to speak with me in person, leave your email address here and I will send my cell number to you to contact me.

Need directions to the church?

Thanks bunches!

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